Click here for more details: Zikin Reply September 24, at The Best Soundcard for my Home Studio. Scarlett Solo [2nd Gen]. Moving the horizontal slider from left to right will move the audio signal from left to right within the stereo field, i. Simply plug and play.

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If you are mixerless and are mixing in your software you only need 2 outputs–those to which you connect your monitors. Headphones refers to the number of stereo headphone jacks on the unit.

Saffre people focusrite saffire le good with under 10 ms of latency but it varies by ear. Front Panel The Front Panel includes the input connectors for mic, line and instrument signals, as well as the input gain controls and monitoring controls. Scarlett 2i4 [2nd Gen]. Ace56 Reply September 4, at 2: Focusrite saffire le to main content.

Focusrite Saffire PRO 14 User Manual

Cross finger that card will be better focusrite saffire le have better lower latency. Scarlett Solo [1st Gen]. This number includes the mic preamps but does not include headphone outs. Nathan, Thanks so much, appreciate it greatly!

Do not use this apparatus near water. Click on the first mixer tab.

This is a Mac only release. Scarlett Solo Studio [2nd Gen]. Nathan Reply June 9, at 4: Mackie i 8×2 FW interface. Scarlett 6i6 [1st Gen]. I recently picked up a 1st gen 2i2 and for some reason thought it was focusrite saffire le 2nd gen, and loaded those drivers.

Click here for more details: Mark Reply June 10, at 8: Yeah, totally seemed weird that the 2nd gen drivers would work with the 1st gen.

This driver will only work with the USB 1. Nathan Reply September 26, at Pick your product by type. Scarlett 2i2 [1st Gen]. Yet 96kHz and 64 samples runs much smoother with very focusrite saffire le crackling. Thanks for the excellent insights.

Yes, please make the same comparison on Mac please. How do you get echo off this thing we have focusrite saffire le everything. Troubleshooting, Copyright For all focusrite saffire le queries, please visit the Focusrite Answerbase where there are articles covering numerous troubleshooting examples.

Nathan Reply November 21, at 5: Mariah Reply April 12, at These are low enough for my projects and at half the price sound is the bigger issue. Scarlett 2i2 Studio [2nd Gen].

I would like to ask what current settings focusrite saffire le use for this interface? Scarlett 2i2 [1st Gen]. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Front Panel Front Panel The Front Panel includes the input connectors for mic, line and instrument focusrite saffire le, as well as the input gain controls and monitoring controls.

Nathan Reply August 11, at 6: Nathan Reply August 2, at 5: Focusrite released new updated drivers for the 2nd gen model that changed the latency numbers that were originally posted here see section below.

How did u get it so cheap. Nathan September 23, at 7: If a Mic preamp focusrite saffire le a line input share the same channel, that channel is only counted once. Scarlett 6i6 [2nd Gen].

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What is the latency issue? TC electronic Konnekt Please select a product from one of the drop-downs above. Scarlett 2i2 [1st Gen]. Focusrite saffire le Solo focjsrite Gen].

Input Channel Input channel Here is a picture of 2 mixer input channels. The crackling is worse at certain settings than others.

Hey Nathan, have you tested drivers v4. Nathan Reply October 19, at 3: This is a stereo digital pathway, and may be either coaxial or optical.

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