My later wife paid for EZ share software and bought a compute3r for me for my B-Day that year. I have tried for almost an hour to contact Kodak headquarters for an address of phone number that will inform me of where I can send an Easy Share camera which I received as a gift for repair or replacement. We are awaiting a response. They do not know who will fix it under the warranty I paid them for. Businesses can learn how to create a more efficient business and promote B2B communication.

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And thank you for making such a great product. Thank You for your time! I love my printer and do kodak esp c315 aio xps want to buy any other kind unless forced to. The photo store where it was purchased informed me that this model has a defect.

Contact Kodak Customer Service: Email, Phone Number & Fax

I have M Digital Kodak Camera. How am I to contact you on my camera c351 Please advise me where I can purchase a replacement print head. I have 14 pictures kodak esp c315 aio xps internal memory. I ended up hanging up the phone and vowed to throw away all Kodak products I have and will never buy aii from them. I would like to find a way how to get the pics to the mini card. I talk to overpeople every day, all over the world And Kodak esp c315 aio xps will giving you the worst advertising you have ever had and I and my family will never ever buy any thing from you ever again.

Please keep on track for my case. It asks me every 10 minutes if it can install another friggin update! You do not want to talk with any of your customers Definition of customer is the person who makes All your pay checks goodwe are the kodak esp c315 aio xps who made this a Once great company.

I waited on hold for over 20 minutes while I cleaned my kitchen. I wanted you to know what a special employee you have working c135 you. For kocak than years, Kodak kodak esp c315 aio xps been delivering some of the most innovative products and service on the market.

I talked to support center in India kodak esp c315 aio xps they are useless. Have a great day!!!!! It is now stuck on a white screen. He was very patient with me, asking questions, go through step by step with me and very patient.

Im not kidding when I say that I have taken thousands of pictures, I am a scrapbooker so my photos are very important. Hope this one is acceptable. Just like Ed a month ago, I called Kodak to try and find out how to get a replacement battery and a replacement screw that fell out sent to my husband who is doing work in India. Other phone numbers and web sites direct me to other numbers and sites.

I take pictures of everything, and I can print whatever I choose, make cds to view from the tv, everyone from family to friends rely on me for the kodak memories of trips and special occassions. Customers can email Kodak here: He ran me through the tests to see what my problem could be. I tried to contact them via email. In order to communicate with a representative, we suggest email or writing. I have a kodakesp office series, and the green on button flashes constantly, kodak esp c315 aio xps it says to clear cartridge kodak esp c315 aio xps.

I went through my fathers attic and found two Kodak trim print cameras, they are brand new, never opened… I checked to see if the film is made for the se cameras anymore and they are not… what should I do?

I have never ever been so disappointed in a once great company as I am with Kodak. Some of my pics were used in wedding kodak esp c315 aio xps over paid photograhers.

Contact Kodak Customer Service

I have installed new ink cartridgestaken the printhead out and cleaned it. And yes, it is a call center from India. It stopped working so I took it back and picked up another one and again paid another three year warranty.

Customers and businesses alike want to ensure they have a way to contact kodak esp c315 aio xps service in the event they have questions or concerns regarding products and services.

It has stopped working. The batteries that leaked had a best before date of I love taking photographs, which xls important to me, because I wish to leave the future a photo diary of my world through my eyes. We would like to purchase it by kodak esp c315 aio xps if possible. Post Your Comment Below: I could rebuy one of these printers per year.

I need to know where I can get a schematic or something kodak esp c315 aio xps will tell me what a certain part is called. I have been trying to purchase a new cartridge for essp docking station it is an easyshare G, god knows how much I have spent on phone calls all to no avail can you tell me where I can purchase some. Do kdoak have a recommendation? I now understand how and why you have slipped in good companies as you have.

After spending a couple of hours trying to send you an kodak esp c315 aio xps form and getting absolutely nowhere, here it is: Bought it in early Customers can find new products and accessories. Nothing ever works and customer support is non existent. Dear Kodak, I have a problem. We would like to say our experience dealing with Kodak customer service was pleasurable, kovak unfortunately it was not.

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