Use the rollerbar to move the cursor on your screen. Rubbing alcohol will dry quickly and not harm the components of the RollerMouse. Read more about the Ergo Keyboard Mat. Where can I find the forum? Extra-Large Available in right only: At Contour Design we strive after producing products of high and premium quality.

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Home Mice RollerMouse Pro3. There are customisable functions for click force and click volume. Warranty and Return Policy Form If you are human, leave this field blank. If there is only a problem when RollerMouse is connected to your computer, then the problem is most likely with your computer.

If you suspect that rollermouse pro rollemrouse have fallen underneath the rollerbar, turn the product on its side and blow compressed air along the rollerbar channel. Is there a software rollermouse pro kit for the Shuttle? Are there any other ways of disposing my old electronic equipment? A leatherette wrist support runs the length of the incline of the unit. Download the latest rollermouse pro of our drivers.

Roklermouse Static Grip of the Mouse – The RollerMouse Pro2 is controlled with an open relaxed hand and slightly curled fingers use of an unflexed hand, with no possibility of clutching or holding the device to effect rollermouse pro control. Extra-Large Available in right only: A note for Shuttle users If you have questions about the Shuttle driver rollermouse pro Windows Installs, click here. Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questionsand try out relevant proposed solutions.

The production of electrical and electronic equipment is one of the fastest growing domains of manufacturing in the western world, and with broad consumer take-up of products in this area, there is also a mounting issue of waste. Ambidextrous Cursor Control – By rollermouse pro locating the mouse buttons beneath the keyboard home keys, mouse control is equidistant from either hand.

A dial ;ro bottom will adjust the rollermouse pro of Rollerbar click force.

RollerMouse Pro2 by Contour Design Inc. : ErgoCanada – Detailed Specification Page

Use rllermouse click-force tension slider located under your RollerMouse Pro3. The Rollermouse Pro2 comes with detachable keyboard ‘risers’ rollermouse pro lift up thinner keyboards to an appropriate height, ensuring a custom fit for every user. Basic functions Rollrmouse the rollerbar to move the cursor on your screen. Blue and rolermouse lights signify which speed setting you are currently using from lowest to highest. If you have questions about the Shuttle driver for Windows Installs, click here.

All RollerMouse products are pre-programmed with smart button functions. Most related problems can be rectified by cleaning around the sensor. The width of this RollerMouse makes it especially suitable for standard or rollermouse pro keyboards for comfortable typing.

RollerMouse products have different speed setting options: The RollerMouse Pro2 also comes with removable leatherette palm supports that relieve stress on the wrists while rollermouse pro and using the rollerbar. Rollermouse pro our sales representatives are unable to make contact with the end user, they will leave a message at which point it is up to the end user to rollerjouse the sales representative by email or phone by the 31st rollermouse pro of rollermouse pro trial period.

No pain. All gain.

The cursor is moved by rolling a ‘dowel’ or cylindrical control bar with the fingertips to achieve ‘up’ and ‘down’ movement, and sliding this bar from side to rollegmouse for horizontal movement.

Why should I use a RollerMouse? The cursor has started moving erratically. During the pairing process, a random encryption key is generated and exchanged between the dongle and the wireless device, rollermouse pro that is stored and used afterwards to secure the rollermouse pro.

You can download from rolermouse Rollermouse pro Support page under the User Manuals tab.

RM-PRO2 with mat attached. A leatherette wrist support runs the length of the incline of the unit. There is a very slight ‘click’ feel as the end limit of the range of rollermousee rollerbar is reached, triggering end detection.

Mac users will need to use a driver to assign the preferred button functions to RollerMouse. Ambidextrous use is encouraged and easily accomplished, to an even greater degree than with rollermouse pro older RollerMouse Pro2, as the rollerbar of the Free2 is substantially longer.

Rollermmouse Red and Red plus have the ability to switch to Mac mode without the driver by holding the copy and paste buttons for two seconds. Rollermouse pro move the cursor left rollermouse pro right, simply slide the rollerbar side to rollermouse pro.

Make sure the USB cable is connected directly to your computer and not rollermouse pro a hub or docking station. Due to its innovative design, RollerMouse also requires less working area than a traditional computer mouse. Allow your computer a moment to automatically install it.

Contour RollerMouse PRO3 – rollerbar – USB – black

There are three heights to choose rollermouse pro This feature can be helpful for individuals who find that they often accidentally click on the bar while typing. This built-in software gives users the rollermouse pro ergonomically beneficial set of button functions so rollermouze can just plug-and-play.

Rollremouse eliminates harmful movements and helps form safer working habits. Will RollerMouse work with my computer? What keyboards are compatible with a RollerMouse? RollerMouse Pro3 allows you to work safer, rollermouse pro, and more comfortably. You can download from our Shuttle Downloads section in the forum or from the Shuttle product page on the Contour Design website. Yes Clickable Scroll Wheel: However, if you rollermouse pro any problems we ask you to do the following: Palm supports To reduce wrist extension.

Basic functions Assign regularly used hotkeys follermouse any of your programs and applications. If you find the keyboard rollermouse pro too low, simply add height to your keyboard by inserting the keyboard risers.

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