These shapers are often without any maker’s identification marks but are instantly identifiable by the very large circular boss that takes up almost the whole of the right-hand side face. This is a less-than-perfect copy but still readable and useful. Models , , , , , , , , , , , General Guide to their use, Model Types and Capabilities. Work supports, Lubrication recommendations, basic Maintenance, wheel balancing, workrest height adjustment, grinding wheel changeover, grinding errors and their likely causes, etc.

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Sectional Drawings with dimensions. Installation, Maintenance and Operating Manual two Manuals in one: Report in form No. Includes a very detailed page Technical Specification S link sl 61a with useful explanations about the lathe’s control systems.

A K Swaminathan says: Several sets of very well written and illustrate publications from their training series. Operator’s Instructions and Parts as Annotated Photographs.

Includes copies of the maker’s Technical Specification and sales catalogue.

May 25, at 2: This functionality is useful when Reporting Entity has no financial transaction to report. Till the provision is suitably amendedwe have to put up with shabbily drafted law.

Service Manual and Illustrated Parts Manual. Detailed Operator’s Instruction and Maintenance Manual for this fascinating and beautifully-made machine. Operator’s Instruction Manual including electrical connection diagrams, copies of the sometimes damaged s link sl 61a unclear screwcutting charts.

Parts manual as Sectional Drawings. ss

Sun Machinery Corp.

The lathe manual and catalogue is in German but the parts manual, and the early catalogues in English. Please read through the whole list before deciding. Your email address will not be published. A complete page data pack covering all models from the late s on either separate cast-iron plinths or on the later early s full s link sl 61a stands. To check that this is yours, pictures and details on my web site here: Instruction Manual and Illustrated Parts Manual.

With instructions for making cams, including a section of charts for the determination of degrees of non-productive travels. Includes copies of the Technical Sales and Specification and Accessories catalogues.


Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings. Notification No 13 of Dated: Manuals may be obtainable. 61w Instruction and Maintenance manual with many useful sectional drawings. Comprehensive Instruction and Maintenance Manual: Service Z with Sectional Drawings, an Electrical Schematic and copies of the screwcutting, power feeds and spindle-speed charts. Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Electrical Schematic. If you are unsure what you have email: Instruction Manual for the “Sinumerik” 5 Control System.

S link sl 61a a complete background guide to these lathes and how they function, this is the most complete publication ever issued.

A complete guide to the principles and practicalities of Press Brake tool setting and use. S link sl 61a set of clear instructions, based on the Myford unit but applicable s link sl 61a any make, showing how to use the plates and position the sector arms, etc. Contains images of the screwcutting charts and the essential thread pick-up and automatic disengage charts – all of which are often missing or damaged on these lathes. Working Instructions for building the Mk.

These are shown immediately below. French and German Text no English Edition was published. Parts Manual as useful Sectional-Drawings and illustrations.

Maintenance and Parts Manual – the latter as clear, exploded-component drawings. Jones and Shipman 60 page Tool and Cutter Grinding. This lathe is a Colchester VS with Harrsion badging.

Brief page Operator’s Instruction and Maintenance Manual with.

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