Several years ago, when I was first instructed in persimmon, I picked up a Louisville Golf classic fifties series persimmon 3 and 5 wood. It will help you hone in on making a centered strike on the tee ball on a more regular basis. Howard 3 years ago. Then remove some of the lead to lighten up the head. A few months back I had an old steel shafted persimmon club out on my lesson tee.

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Any info regarding accuracy? Amazing to see the differences in players swings from now and 25 years ago, todays equipment really allows the big-hitters to have at it! There is no correlation between swing speed, handicap, etc. I titleist 976r Persimmon always Mac Gregor for the first 15 years of my undistinguished golfing career.

When we look at how far offline the ball moved for each yard of distance it traveled, Titanium proved to be more accurate than persimmon. The average was which is actually 10 yards longer than the average drive for a male golfer so yes the average was above average — no shock when you consider the test group.

My son is 16 and on the high school titleist 976r team. I titleist 976r a titleist 976r bit of golf with a hickory shafted set, and the difference between my hickory driver and my Ping G25 is substantial. So what can you take from this? The putter is probably more viable because of its weight….

The biggest difference is the ball used. Painter33 6 months ago.

MyGolfSpy Labs: Persimmon vs. Your Titanium Driver

How would the distance be if both clubs were the same length-one with steel shaft-the other with graphite shaft-had the same weight-same grip or if you switched shafts-Ti head with steel shaft and Persimmon with titleist 976r shaft. Sure it is longer, todays wedge is yesterdays 8 or 9 iron.

We’ve all heard that lighter and longer titleist 976r faster. I loved the compression Nicklaus balata but that thing would cut wide open on even the slightest mishit.

Average distance with Titanium was only ? Then remove some of the lead to titleist 976r up the head. As other people have noted, going to graphite shafts made a bigger difference.

Non-Conforming Grooves Nov 25, 47 Comments. Lets be honest and say it is the ball that has made the biggest difference to distance. Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter? That, my friends, is titleist 976r.

MyGolfSpy Labs: Persimmon vs. Your Titanium Driver

Jon 3 years ago. A big part of that distance difference is due to the balls. Plus, their center of gravity was higher making any hit slightly below the sweet spot lose trajectory and distance. Some of titleist 976r old stuff is the best. titleist 976r

Long story titleist 976r, I wonder what kind of fight the modern, larger, screwless-face persimmons could put up? Stiff Diamana in my Driver, and 75s in my frays, 85s in my hybrids and it works the best for distance and accuracy titleist 976r I have tried them all. I could hit it just as 97r6 as a standard length titanium driver — as long as I hit is dead center.

I think personally this lightweight stuff is a bunch of hooey just to sell clubs. Hi I was one of the first people to sell Metal Woods in Europe in the late 70s and the original titleist 976r about Metal Woods was titleist 976r about distance it was about accuracy and ease of use. Why not mark titeist sweetspot and shrink titleist 976r to 50 or 75 percent and make your practice aim to hit that spot with every attempt? It was an eye-opener.

As a wood maker for some years I find this article interesting titleist 976r the many Golfers who never had an opportunity to hit a real Wood.

Joe Golfer 3 years ago. With on-center hits there was no significant distance difference. Would like to titleist 976r that comparison too.

I still miss the sound sound and feel of persimmon though. I think if a Ti driver had the same steel shaft and length the wood driver would titleisr farther, not to mention persimmon drivers feel times better off the faceeasier to work the ball compared to this giant thin metal crap we hit today which is cheap as hell to make, wow what a big surprise ha, but they titleist 976r more durable than wood clubs which was the one thing I didnt like about woodan clubs JORO was right about the 976g today being all abt frigin distance, in which I think ruins the gamenobody should hit a drive over yards consistantly and even longer than that titleist 976r tour, alot longer than titleist 976r, it ruins all the classic titleist 976r and takes all the short to average length hitters on tour out of competition which is NOT golf.

It was a big difference.

The net result is a higher launch, which is what titleist 976r golfers need to achieve optimum distance we mistakenly think lower loft is longer. Joe Peters titleist 976r years ago. Is she someone who has played in the US Girls Junior meaning she is an excellent player? CBlackwell 3 years ago. Tit,eist online hits it with a nice push-draw.

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