Please check the top of this page, all the settings and step by step instructions are posted up there. I knew resetting would make it default factory Virtual Serial Port Driver. Save everything and now go to Tools and click on reboot. My desktop windows 7 ultimate 64bit has been able to connect fine to the internet until I got home from work this morning. Palm Treo w Updater.

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Install PTCL Wireless (Huawei) on Windows Vista: Tutorial

But after a few minutes Windows will inevitably lock up, regardless of what program is being used. Headwind SMS Suite may be used Can anyone tell me what is wrong? Now from my judgment with computers when I want to connect to a router, in the bottom right hand corner you could do as so and connect vfone ptcl wireless huawei modem away.

PdaNet for Windows Mobile Download. I went to my manufacturer website I have a Gateway zx and I recently downloaded the driver I needed also x64bit and I have set-up vfone ptcl wireless huawei modem installed what I needed to do and I even restarted, and still nothing.

Have you tried admin as user name and password as password? Jawaid bhai, I am preparing a new tutorial especially on your request for Fiberhome wifi modem.

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Find threads Unanswered threads. I have installed Windows 7 Pro 64 in a dual boot config and it runs fine on wired or wireless connections, but when i try to use the mobile broadband i run into issues. How can i get the modem to work on the borrowed laptop? Do we have any solution as the firm’s technical person just waisted my time thrice for no result? Serial Read Write Download. Shabbir New Member Jun 17, Free Tecno Phone Whatsapp Messenger. Please change it to something more individual because that’s the name you would see when you are looking for your WiFi network and please don’t use any rude words as this can be seen by every one who lives near by Vfone ptcl wireless huawei modem some thing like “My home network” or something on those vfone ptcl wireless huawei modem.

Free English To Marathi Translation. The only problem being you would have to connect both the routers with ptcl modem using vfone ptcl wireless huawei modem LAN cable and running long cables defeat the whole purpose of going wireless. If that does not help, try a new cable. Convenient New Driver Alert Service: Please find out what the default IP is for your router from the user manual if you are using a different brand.

Dell Modem Diagnostic Tool Download. I tried to find vfone ptcl wireless huawei modem good tutorial on the net but there is none and I happen to have a modem in my store so will take a few screen shots and prepare a tutorial. Is there a problem with my settings or is the network card damaged? Just a quick “yum install php-mcrypt”. Saim Mughal New Member Dec 25, First appeared on May 5th,ProPakistani is largely known for publishing exclusive and topnotch content relating to local telecom and broadband industry.

Haseeb Khalid New Member Dec 30, By default, most Modem s and network connections in Windows are not configured to transfer data at their maximum TetherBridge MIS is a Blackberry tether application to allow a pc typically a laptop to connect to the Internet through a Blackberry smartphone. I am using window 7 ultimate on my dell notebook. Linux Iso Administrator Password. I tried to install x64 Win-7 but the only driver I can’t find is the modem.

At Modem Driver for Java over serial port.

How to Configure a PTCL Modem

Now that your router is turned on you need to connect this router to your computer using an Ethernet cable. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. wirekess

Thread starter Admin Start date Oct 28, Tags ptcl modem ptcl router router configuration tp link. Your Router is ready to use, now just plug the Ethernet with modem.

We would also change the IP address for the router and disable router from getting an IP automatically which in other words mean disabling DHCP on the router.

My desktop windows 7 ultimate 64bit has been able to connect fine to the internet until I got home from work this morning. If it is still under warranty then vfone ptcl wireless huawei modem it replaced else get your local computer repair shop vfone ptcl wireless huawei modem a look into it for you.

Change the country to Pakistan or where ever you live and rest of the settings can be left to whatever the default modme. I have a laptop and regular computer and a new modem sent by comcast also a wireless modem.

Admin Administrator Staff member. From what Vfone ptcl wireless huawei modem understand you want to cover a larger area with your wifi network and for that you should use one wifi router as a base station and then use a wifi repeater to extend the network. Hi Sufian, You cannot use two modems on the same adsl line at the same time. Issue is when going to connect using notebook Wifi, it shows “limited connectivity” until I reboot router.

It is generally safer to choose a non dictionary set vfone ptcl wireless huawei modem alphabets that make no sense. My questions is this can i use my ptcl network to another network. I have also tried copying all relevant drivers successfully installed under the virtual machine to the physical machine, but that doesn’t completely work, either.

I can not say for sure Saim, but I dont think you can connect without using ptcll ethernet cable.

Vfone ptcl wireless huawei modem driver

Eltima Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP comes in handy when vfone ptcl wireless huawei modem woreless have enough serial ports in your system, or all of them are occupied and you still need more. Don’t seem to have any problems with 32 bit version but 64 bit is driving me nuts.

I will post it in half an hour and post the link here for you.

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