It is calculated using an initial CRC of 0x First, you have to convert the image to a 1bpp bi-level image, then convert it to a hex-encoded string. SizeOf docInfo ; RuntimeHelpers. I ended up going with hex as well. Read buffer, 0, buffer. CanWrite throw new ObjectDisposedException “data” ; if! Have you made sure TCP is enabled?

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Png ; return ms. CanWrite throw new ObjectDisposedException “data” ; if! Hmmm, this isn’t working for me WritePage baseStream ; gdipj.

I ended up going sm hex as well.

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I’ve had most success using standard windows printing. I know the Android one will send an image to the printer and zebra s4m zpl 200dpi it for you. Base64 is used to encode e-mail atachedments What is the error you are getting? It is calculated using an initial CRC of zebbra Im using a TCP stream but by default the printers have it turned off. I personally didn’t run it with my printer, I just used it to figure out the correct image code so I could replicate it in my code.


And this is why link only answers are bad – that zebra s4m zpl 200dpi is dead: I then started looking for the rest of the code I needed and stumbled upon zebrs following: Raw, “Raw print”, null ; gdipj. The second encoding, known as Z64, first compresses the data using the LZ77 algorithm to reduce its size.

SizeOf docInfo ; RuntimeHelpers.

Length ; From the sounds of it, either B64 or Z64 are both accepted. Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and 200dppi your career.

Volume Two adds details on an optional compression format page In that case I’m not sure, as that’s the only way I’ve done it in the past. Post as a guest Name. All zebra s4m zpl 200dpi for me coming to this answer was from LabView Forum user Raydur. Hi, has this zebra s4m zpl 200dpi worked? Jan 11 ’12 at Japanglish aside, you can now check out the Catalogue of parametrised CRC algorithms with 16 bits http: Looks like I deluded myself into solving this.

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Everything else you are sending down looks good. Also, it seems ZPL defaulted to the uncompressed version of the font after failing to load the compressed ones.

As it turns out, the compression functionality was not implemented in the printers I am using–the manufacturer is working zebra s4m zpl 200dpi a firmware version that handles compressed objects fonts or images. A CRC will be calculated accross the Baseencoded data. He posts a LabView solution that can be opened up in LabView to send images down. Or knows where I am going wrong? Write zplToSend ; writer. By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. According to the docs: Write printImage ; writer. Print an image as you would to a standard printer.

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First, you have to convert the image to a 1bpp bi-level image, then convert it to a hex-encoded string. Sign up using Facebook.

You just saved my life! I am trying to find a way of printing images to a zebra and having z4m lot of trouble. I attempted to do this with base64, appending the calculated the CRC value as per the manual, but wasn’t able to get that to work.

I’ve tried a few variations, and a couple of methods for generating the CRC and zebra s4m zpl 200dpi the ‘size’.

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